#1838 CLICK CLACK! 200PCS 8 Colors DIY Discovery Bricks Cube
# 1820 CLICK CLACK! 200PCS GIRL 5 IN 1
Company Profile

Welcome to HAPPY COLLECTION! We make educational toys for children who are enjoying in playing and learning.

HAPPY COLLECTION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.was established in 2008 and focus on OEM/ODM business for worldwide famous brands. In 2018, we started our new company, Happy Collection Toystech and develop our own toys brands for future!

HAPPY COLLECTION, the energetic company who design and manufacture unique, innovative toys with kids' playing and learning concept. Rely on much experience in OEM/ODM business service for our customers for more than 11 years, we set up our OBM service to all of our customers who construct their branded toys. Also we create our own educational toys brand of CLICK CLACK!
Our Brand

CLICK CLACK! is our brand new building blocks line that is including Building Blocks, Bricks Frames, Bricks figures, Bricks puzzle, Bricks cube etc.

CLICK CLACK! has unique design even curves are easy to make, it has also the ability to move, for example hinges that could rotate, or spin when interlocked. When playing  the blocks, it can make all kinds of interesting dynamic moving connections. So after  building, the children can actually play with their creations instead of just having statues. There was a lot of creative thinking happening when they were using Click Clack! Building Blocks. This is a toy which can make children create their thinking ability.

HAPPY COLLECTION, Playing and Learning. Happy Education, Create Endless Possibilities. We help the children to cultivate the good habbit of enjoying all the educational toys during playing. No matter what the toys are, they are played with the kids and create happy education ideas which will improve children's mode of thinking filled with special imagination and creation.

Why you can partner with HAPPY COLLECTION ?

1. Strategy Partner Sourcing and OEM/ODM experience for Collectible Toys, Promotional Toys & Gifts for more than 10 years.

2.  Much experience in high quality production  for famous branded toys such as for Disney,    Walmart and more.... All  OBM process carried  out under Agency Partner Operation Standardizations.

3. International audited factory partners group. Patented products lines and qualified products  safety standard.

4.High partner efficiency operations one to one  customized service:

1)We offers and give you project updates within 48 hours.

2)Fast Samples arrangement.

3)Fast delivery time to meet your demand.

4)Fast sourcing feedback to you within the date  you request.

5) Fast solution to be sent out with reasonable  methods.

6) Professional projection teams for new product development service

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